Momentum Plugin for Chrome

I've been talking a lot about The One Thing, By Gary Keller & Jay Papasan.

The book outlines a mindset framework for focusing on Your One Thing. If crafted correctly, the one thing, should be all shapes and sizes. Like a matryoshka doll it should contain activities in your life from smallest to largest.

Today, a perspective on one of the small issues: online focus.

I read news, I listen to a large quantity of media, and easily get caught up in viral videos. As mentioned in my article on Digital Minimalism, I try not to fall into the online black hole that is Facebook. Most people are a few long emails away from an entire morning wasted on low-value tasks.

I installed Momentum as soon as I heard about it (recommended by Tim Ferriss). I love it, it's simple, easy to integrate, and has already managed to keep me on track... more than once. Here's my walkthrough.

Momentum cannot manage your computer time, but it can push you in the right direction. Happy Holidays.

Momentum is a great chrome plugin to encourage focus when you're hard at work. The plugin is free and easy to use. Check out the video walkthrough here.