The Implicit Long-term

This week Umair Haque shared some tremendous observations on our cultural obsession with efficiency. You can read it via Harvard Business Review, here. As a technologist, I am extremely familiar »

Going Paperless

In an effort to put my minimalist designation to the test, I plan to document some of my experience minimizing over the next few months. Step one: going (truly) paperless. »

The Index Card, Book Review

Last week I picked up a copy of The Index Card, by Helaine Olen and Harold Pollack. Olen, a personal finance writer who came into public view as writer and »

Network Effects

Imagine your favorite diner. It's Saturday morning, and an old Gandolf-like man approaches your booth. He sits down, orders a coffee. You are confused, but before you can even ask »

Use Expensify for Receipt Tracking

I use expensify to track investment expenses and charitable donations. The free tier is great for individual investors, sole proprietors, or people who like keeping receipts for any reason. The »