5 TODOs for Holiday Rest

Only someone with my sick idea of rest could develop a list for things to do in order to maximize relaxation over the holidays. Disclaimer: Effects could vary depending on »

An Opportunity Cost Primer

There has been some optimistic chatter of late. With the Federal Reserve's recent rate hike, it's expected that interest rates on savings accounts are quick to follow. And thus suggested: »

Momentum Plugin for Chrome

I've been talking a lot about The One Thing, By Gary Keller & Jay Papasan. The book outlines a mindset framework for focusing on Your One Thing. If crafted correctly, »

Digital Minimalism Defined

Recently I have doubled down on my stated practice of minimalism. Maybe I am just excited because I successfully cleaned my house and took a huge bag to goodwill, threw »

School District & Housing Shuffle

In July, Marketplace ran a story on rural states making a push for skilled workers to return to their hometowns (The governor's on the phone, he wants you to move »